Saturday, June 2, 2007

What training like a girl looks like....

This is our good friend Tracy for California. Tracy has lost over 125 pounds training with kettlebells.

This video is Tracy doing what is known in the Kettlebell world as the Secret Service Snatch Test, SSST for short. It's a ten minute test used to test not only how many Kettlebell snatches you can do in tens minutes, but it is also a huge test of mental strength and your will to keep driving when the going gets tough.

This is minute 8-9 of her ten minute set, you'll hear Mark (Rif) count off the reps as she completes them. Listen to the totals.

Oh yeah, she did 295 reps in the alloted ten minutes. No small feat.

So you ladies better get training, we're putting up leader board in the gym. Where will you rank?

More important, how much will you improve.....

Happy training everyone,
BJ (yeah......that's right a guy posted on Train Like a Girl, I'm not ashamed)


Christine Petty said...

The most stunning part of that is she did her regular workout after.

Sister is a machine!

Kori Bliffert said...

Tracy is my idol! She has become such a machine. My mom is so motivated by her.

Tracy said...

How did I miss these compliments??

Thanks guys, I'm feeling more and more "machine-like" everyday!