Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kettlebells and Pregnancy

Using Kettlebells has been my favorite tool for working out for the past 12 years. I was using them before they became the fad (not in a good way) they are now.

I am one of those women who are not afraid to lift heavy, use barbells with bumper plates and get down and dirty with a workout. In fact, having to scale back my workouts because I am pregnant is killing me….but I understand why I have to do it and I am willing to for the safety of my baby girl.

The one tool that I don't have to scale back on, whether it be weight or exercises, are Kettlebells. I am able work around my belly with all the exercises and get a whole body workout within 20 min. That's another thing I am getting used to…20 min of working out and I am winded UGH!…but I digress.

I stick with 2-3 movements, usually the Snatch, the two-handed swing and the Goblet squat. I do these movements in timed intervals.  Sometimes all I do is the snatch, sometimes I combine a couple of swings then throw a Goblet squat in there. The combinations are endless which means you get a great workout everytime.

Along with the endless amounts of combinations for the movements, the actual working out around your belly is simple with a Kettlebell. Granted there are some movements that your belly might get in the way, but then you just do not do those. There are enough exercises out there to do with a Kettlebell that not doing those couple movements will not do any harm.

Please make sure you ask your doctor if it is OK to workout during your pregnancy, every woman is different.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I always thought those "crazy cravings" pregnant women had were all in excuse to just eat whatever they wanted because they were pregnant…they could right? 

Well being 19 weeks now I can tell you those cravings are real. I haven't had any crazy ones, like pickles with ice cream or whip cream on my mash potatoes, but I do have cravings. My most recent….lasagna with LOTS of garlic. And let me tell you, it was GOOD!

But with cravings comes added weight. Yes as pregnant women we are suppose to gain some weight. Our bodies are being used to not only protect and help the baby grow, but to also nourish them.  But giving into carving after craving can lead to some serious issues besides unwanted weight gain.

*Gestational Diabetes
*Lack of proper nutrition for not only you but your baby
*More work to get baby weight afterwards

Like I said above, I do give into some of my cravings, but I do it in moderation. I make sure that I am getting my veggies, lean protein and good fats, but then have some of that ice cream that is calling my name out. Not only is this healthier for myself, but for my baby as well.

12 Weeks of Fatigue, Nausea and just plain “Sucky” workouts!

*****Disclaimer: This was written on Oct. 24th******
Let me give you a little background here.  On August 21st I found out that my husband BJ and I were pregnant with our first child.  Now we were trying, or tried once, but didn’t really think it “took”.  Imagine our surprise when the pregnancy test showed two lines instead of one. But even with all of the shock, we were both very excited.

Being this my first pregnancy I only know what I read about when it comes to how I am suppose to feel.  And of course horror stories from other women. My first trimester is a breeze compared to some!  But even with all the books and articles on the internet, I wasn’t prepared on how low my energy would be and how bad my workouts would feel.

For the past 15 years I have worked out religiously.  Growing up I was never into sports, I was the fat girl with a great personality and I “could be pretty if I lost X amount of weight”….something I always heard from family.  But when I got into working out, either with Kettlebells, weights or just aerobic activity, I felt good. Also, owning Full Throttle Athletics with my husband I never have an excuse as to why I can’t do something physically active.  So now not having the energy to even want to go for a walk , killed me.  All I kept thinking was “I GOING TO GET SO FAT WITH THIS PREGNANCY!!!!”. I am not one who thinks I am “eating for two”, in fact this first 12 weeks my food intake has been cut almost in half.  Either I am too nauseated or I start eating and after a couple of bites I am full.  Luckily, slowly but surely, I have been able to do more and more exercise wise and I am feeling so much better.

For the next year I am going to be writing about my pregnancy, working out, eating (yes the cravings have already started) and just being overall healthy for not only myself, but for my baby.  Once I do have this baby, I am due May 2nd, I am going to be blogging and sharing with you how I am getting my pre-baby body back.  I have many ideas and goals for that one, but I will let that be a surprise! For right now I am concentrating on being healthy and being active during this wonderful time.

I hope you follow me on this journey!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here Come the Holidays!

So guess what is right around the corner? I am sure you are saying "the holidays!". And yes that may be true, but what is also right around the corner is a bigger stomach, more "baby fat", bigger thighs, maybe another chin. I think you get my point.

The holidays have become a time for people to let themselves go.

They stop working out as much as they were during the Spring and Summer.

The food not only gets more abundant, but also gets richer, sweeter and just plain un-healthier!

This season of more food and less exercising usually begins now. Right after Halloween. I mean we can't throw away any of that leftover candy now, can we? We spent good money on that candy!

Then the great feast begins with Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't like to stuff themselves so much in one day that not only puts them in a coma, but makes their pants feel like the button is going to pop right off and shot someone right in the eye!

Then come the Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, candy, etc. Along with the huge tins of popcorn that every one loves to give, but nobody really knows why they eat them. I don't think I have ever tasted more stale popcorn in my life!

Along with all of the food, comes the drinks. Eggnog, cider, champagne, wine, hot cocoa, again I think you got my point.

All of these calories are just adding up along with all the pounds you are putting on just like your credit card with all the gifts you are buying.

Next comes New Years!

What a great time! A whole new year to turn your life around! Really start working on all those resolutions. Finish that list of "To Do's" you have been meaning to get to for the past....year. And of course...start working on all the weight you put on over the past 3 months along with all the weight you wanted to lose from the holidays before last!


I am here to tell you I can help you stop the cycle and get you ready for the holidays guns-a-blazing!

I am here to tell you I can help you look GREAT NAKED for your New Years! And not have to worry about what next extreme diet you are going to take on after January 1st 2009 so you can look great by Valentine's Day or Spring Break.

Are you ready?

If you are willing to take the plunge and stop the never ending cycle the holidays bring on please visit my Look Great Naked Boot Camp site and sign up today.

If you are not ready...well good luck and I will be seeing you, or maybe more of you come 2009!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Favorite Quote...

Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price.
--Vince Lombardi

I truly believe this is one of the best quotes out there. Besides being from a terrific coach for one of the best football teams known to man (Packers). Vince Lombardi knew that quick fixes were not all they are cracked up to be. Quick fixes do not equal hard work, which do not equal success.

Nowadays people are looking for the "quick fixes" for their lives. Get rich quick and losing weight quick seem to be the big ones. But how many people have gotten rich quick or lost weight (and kept it off) quickly?

I used to be one of those people who wanted the next big fad when it came to losing weight and getting in shape. Sure I would maybe lose some weight, but then it all came right back more! I was not working hard to make my body healthier or leaner.

Today the quick fixes for losing weight seem to be getting more and more dare I say, dangerous.

Surgeries, harsher diet pills, and even a pill that simulates exercise!

A lot of the time people love the "quick fixes" for losing weight because they swear up and down they don't have the time to put in the work.


You don't have the time to make your body better and healthier so you can live longer, feel better, etc?

I get asked a lot how much time I put into my training/workouts. And I simply tell that person that it depends on what I am working on or training for. Am I training for something specific like a race or a Tactical Strength Challenge? Or am I just training to lose weight/feel better/look better?

For most of the time I am training for the latter one. And for just simply training to be healthy I only put in 30-40 min max. Sometimes even only 20 min. Those people are dumbfounded because they are always told you must workout 8 hours a day to look like a movie star. Well yeah a movie star has that time, but I don't. Plus it is just counter productive.

Anyways, my point here is "quick fixes" don't work. At least not for the long haul. And all you are doing is throwing away money that could have gone to a new pair of skinny jeans!

Do what Vince Lombardi says and put in the will find success!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Things Ahead...

Besides our move to Texas and my new job, BJ and I are re-vamping our Personal Training/Bootcamp/Kettlebell business.

So what does that mean? Well, we are going to have new blogs, new websites, and a new name for our business. It is all very exciting!

I am going to have 2 blogs. One for my own training and then one for Train Like a Girl. The Train Like a Girl is going to have all kinds of information, workouts and tips on how to better your health and fitness.

Also, we are going to have the privilege to host a Kettlebell workshop with SrRKC Dave Whitley! This will take place the first weekend of October. If you are going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS IT!!!! This will be for everyone! Whether you have touched a KB or not. We will be giving more info in the near future!

So please check back often to see what is new and how things have changed for the better!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Heat Is On!!!!

Two reasons for my title....

1. My training is really starting to heat up. Getting better at my pistols and my pull-ups. Plus I am really starting to kick my own ass with my workouts.
2. And the other reason for my title...IT IS HOT DOWN HERE!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

I just finished working out, it is about 6:15pm, and I think it is still about 90 degrees. I love being able to workout outside and just sweat!!!

Here is what I did today...

Warm up:
Pistols, Pull-ups and Bent presses

Main workout:
30sec on/30sec off x 30 min
I rotated between 2 hand swings and 2hand swing/goblet squat.
For the first 20 rounds I did the 2 hand swings w/ the 16kg and then the 2hand swing/goblet squat w/ the 12kg. Then for the last 10 rounds I did all with the 12kg. BJ didn't want me burning out my legs. I still have a lot of pistol training to do before the Level 2 cert at the end of the month.

I feel great after this workout.

For the next 3.5 weeks I am going to be training 3 days on 1 day off. I want to make sure I give my body the rest I need. But my training days are going to be intense. I will always do my pistols, pull-ups and bent presses for warm ups. They are great to warm up with b/c you hit everything, plus I am practicing a skill I need to know. Then I will always do some sort of main workout like swings, snatching, or long cycle jerking.

As for my eating/food. I am sort of doing the Warrior Diet by default. With me working the night shift (7pm-7am) I usually don't eat until 5-6 pm. Especially on days I work b/c I don't want to be eating for 24hours. And believe me...I could!!!

That is it for now...

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yes we made it to Texas! I have actually been here for about 2 weeks. This past month has not only been busy but extremely adventurous. Sometimes not in a good way ;). But everything is good now. The house is finally starting to look like a house and not a tornado of boxes. I started my new job at Centennial Medical Center. I love it! My co-workers and all the employees are so great. I am trying to get used to working the night shift again (7pm to 7am). Although I don't believe you ever get used to it.

BJ is really starting to build our personal training/fitness coaching business down here. It is great to see him really happy at what he is doing. But until we get some customers he is on what he calls "Wife Support!". That is ok, I know he is going to take our business to the next level.

As for my training, I am really concentrating on my pistols and my pull-ups for the Level 2 RKC at the end of June. Pistols are good, but my pull-ups I struggle with. Along with those, I am doing a lot of swings and jerks. I don't really enjoy the jerk, but it really does help with my presses and my snatches. The one thing I do love about my training is how much I sweat down here! Whether it be running, KB's, or even pull-ups it is hot and humid and I sweat!!! I am the type of person who loves to sweat when I am working out. A lot of times that is how I judge my workouts. Not the best way, but it feels so good. The weather has been 90-100 since I have gotten down here. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Till next time...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a workout should feel like!!

So we all have those days where nothing is clicking and our workouts suck! Then we have those days were everything clicks and the workout feels like a workout! I had one of those today!

Yesterday I trained one last time with one of my long term clients who has lost almost 100 pounds in 1 year! I put her through a tough workout just to leave her with a little bit of me before I move! So I decided to do that same workout today. Here is what I did...

Warm up: 5 min of snatches w/ 12kg 30R/30L

Workout for time:
Push Presses w/ 12kg
KB Sumo DL w/ 16kg
KB High pulls w/ 12kg
Walking lunges
Time: 28:00 exactly


Monday, May 5, 2008

Snatched the 24kg!!!

Today I was adventurous in my workout. For some odd reason I felt like I just had to snatch the 24kg. Never have, never really thought about it. Funny. Well I did...twice.

After warming up with some TGU's and then snatching the 12 and 16kg, I walked in the house and told BJ to get the camera because I was going to snatch the 20kg and then the 24kg. He asked why I was going to snatch the 20kg and that I should just go for the 24kg. I agreed.

Got outside, grabbed the 24kg, and snatched it 2 times. Form was ok, after watching the video I see I swung the bell way too much out in front of me. But all-in-all I am pretty proud of myself.