Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday's workout

I really did not feel like working out yesterday AT ALL! I worked at the hospital, and I was busy but not overworked. When I came home I was trying to think of all the excuses I could to not workout, and you know what? I couldn't come up with ANY! So I figured that was a sign! Here is what I did..

Snatches w/ 12kg for 5 min X2

2handed swings w/ 16kg
(I did these 30 sec each, alternating for 5 min)

Clean-Squat-Press w/ 12kg
Slam ball 8lb
(I did these 30 sec each, alternating for 5 min)

I AM SO GLAD I WORKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so good after. The total time of my workout was 20 min, but it was a hard 20 min

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Till next time..

Train Hard, Train Like A Girl!