Monday, June 25, 2007

Swings with Goblet Squats

This weekend I wasn't really able to do a great workout. Saturday we had our Beginner Kettlebell Workshop, which was so AWESOME! We had 8 outstanding attendees! Then yesterday BJ, Erika (my sister-in-law) and I went down to Pleasant Prairie Outlets for some great shopping. We had a lot of fun. But this morning I was back at it and had a great workout. This is what I did...

2-handed Kettlebell Swing w/ 12kg alternating with the Goblet Squat 30 sec on/30 sec off
I did this for 20 min

Then I did 2-handed swings w/ 20kg 30 sec on/30 sec off
I did this for 10 min

This workout really got my heart rate up and got me sweating. That is so what I love about the Kettlebell, you can do simple exercises, such as the swing, and get a killer workout!

Till tomorrow....


Tracy said...

How many swing/squats did you get in 30 seconds? I can't do enough to feel hard, so I usually go 1 min. on, 1 min. rest. Although 1 min. on 30 sec rest would be KILLER!

Kori Bliffert said...

Tracy, I was averaging 6-8 per 30 sec of each a swing and a goblet squat. I was pressed for time so I tried to get as much as I could in. But you are right, 1 min on would be killer. Maybe next week!