Monday, May 5, 2008

Snatched the 24kg!!!

Today I was adventurous in my workout. For some odd reason I felt like I just had to snatch the 24kg. Never have, never really thought about it. Funny. Well I did...twice.

After warming up with some TGU's and then snatching the 12 and 16kg, I walked in the house and told BJ to get the camera because I was going to snatch the 20kg and then the 24kg. He asked why I was going to snatch the 20kg and that I should just go for the 24kg. I agreed.

Got outside, grabbed the 24kg, and snatched it 2 times. Form was ok, after watching the video I see I swung the bell way too much out in front of me. But all-in-all I am pretty proud of myself.


Tracy said...


Where's the video?????

BJ Bliffert said...

There you go Tracy!

Little shaky, we'll do it again in a few days.

nikkiradene said...

A huge CONGRATS to you!!

I'll be watching for your first 5/5.